We Have a Crush on Northern Michigan

We just returned home from a long weekend in Northern Michigan. It was supposed to be an entire week, but because of meetings on both ends it was cut short.  What was supposed to be a leisurely Northern Michigan vacation became a brief congested affair. 

Every year we join up with a group of friends near Alden, Michigan.  There is a cabin, lots of food, games and beer. We stroll the shops in Alden. We take a day to shop in Traverse City and we hit Bellaire. That’s right, Shorts Brewery. No visit would be complete without a trip to Shorts.

The week is the perfect combination of quaint shops, wineries, breweries & eats. We slow down, we take time to breathe while doing our favorite things with the best of friends.

There are books to be read in the hammock, family style meals in the evening. We play Euchre and Cards Against Humanity til someone wins back the title championship.

One of our favorite annual adventures is Mission Point Peninsula. You can walk out to nearby islands only waist deep in water. There are many beautiful places in Michigan, but this one is my favorite.

The weather factors in but a day in the cabin with our books and euchre is just as good as a day exploring the shops. When Michiganders say “Up North” this is what we mean. We don’t want to be dialed into the Internet, we want to unplug.

We always end the visit with a wild rumpus around the fire pit. As evening fades to nightfall the music fills the space around us. 

The stars overhead are stunning. I can’t tell you where our secret spot is, but I can tell you nothing gets in the way of our view.

I’ve lived other places, yes, even the state with the four letter word. I worked alongside people who left on Friday and came back to work on Monday with the same look on their face. We Michiganders don’t do that. We have a work hard/play hard mentality. We disconnect to recharge. It may not be normal but it’s ours. From our Great Lakes to our neighbors North/East South and West, we know you “get” us.

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