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Jessica Klook featured in the article below.

Over the years, we have shared content from a variety of photographers. Here is a list of some of our favorites, but this list is not exhaustive. It’s just a start as fans @ A Michigan Thing.  We hope you will consider photography as a gift to the people you love.

Please remember, photographers share their content, but they are artists. We strongly ask you to never steal their content but instead purchase it. Serious photography requires time and patience as well as expensive equipment.

Our picks in no particular order:

Ken Scott Photography

Ken Scott’s focus is on Northern Michigan around the Suttons Bay/Leelanau Peninsula area. He is famous for his Ice Caves of Leelanau book. I’ve always believed this book should be on every coffee table in Michigan.   He has a new book called Leelanau Trek. It can be ordered from his website.

ice caves 2

Ken Scott also works closely with Wings of Wonder photographing these stunning birds. You can follow his journey with Wings of Wonder on his Facebook page. We enjoy Ken’s back pages and patiently-told stories of Michigan with an emphasis on the natural beauty, our lifestyle and protecting our environment.  He has a collection of Fishtown photos you should also check out.

Fishtown ... November findings III

Facebook page: kenscottphotos   Phone: (231) 271-6070    Website:

Neil Weaver Photography

Neill Weaver is probably the most published photographer in Michigan. You may not know his name, but you’ve seen his work. He has been featured in Pure Michigan campaigns, in Blue Magazine, a variety of ads and promotional pieces. He is a resident of the Upper Peninsula so naturally much of photography features this stunning location.  Neil sells matted fine art prints, canvas gallery wraps, HD Metal Prints, 2018 Michigan Calendars, and packs of note cards.


Facebook page: neilweaverphotography     Phone: (517) 743-1442    Website:

Jeremy Church


Jeremy Church is a local boy to A Michigan Thing. Jeremy features photos from the Muskegon, Michigan area. We’ve seen a lot of sunsets and only Jeremy has held our attention over the long haul. He is available at the Farmer’s Market in Muskegon every Saturday to purchase prints, framed prints, calendars and more.

Facebook page: Jchurchphotography

He can be notified by messenger on Facebook to purchase products if you are unable to make it to the Muskegon Farmers Market.

Joe Gee

Joe is one of my favorite photographers because he does it all. He will do a sunset shot, sure, but he also does landscapes, portrait work, and videos.  Every photographer speaks a little bit of themselves into their work. Joe does that well. Whether he is showing Lake Michigan in reverse or summing up beach life, Joe has it covered. He’s probably the most underrated photographer in the area.


Joe has a variety of products and a calendar available right now.

Facebook page: JoeGeePhotography     Phone: (231) 288-7877   Website:

Joshua Nowicki

Joshua Nowicki hails from St. Joseph, Michigan. What I really love about his work is how you feel pulled into his photos and videos. From violent days on Lake Michigan to stunning sunsets—sometimes both, Joshua Nowicki has it.  His photography is unforgettable and truly captivating.

Facebook page: JoshuaNowickiPhotography  He can be reached through Facebook or on Instagram.

Seth Haley

It’s hard to talk about Josh Nowicki without mentioning Seth Haley. They both hail from St. Joe. I discovered their photography at the same time. Seth and Josh have this wonderful little video about playing golf on Lake Michigan. It captures every Michigander’s attitude about the winter. There is also this one about paddle boarding on Lake Michigan.

Seth does a lot of commercial work now and has traveled as far away as Iceland for projects. His creativity is awesome! There’s usually a little bit of fun included.

Facebook: SethjHaley  Phone: (269) 270-2159  Website:

Tom Gifford

Tom Gifford is also a nature photographer like others mentioned here, but he was also an Art Prize contestant in 2017! We enjoy his penchant for good timing and great luck! He moves away from the ordinary for some of his photos like this one of Michigan Adventures. Tom Gifford has calendars available and others photos on canvas.


Facebook page: 3DN3D  Email address:                                   Website:

Kathryn Lund Johnson

Kathryn is a diverse photographer. One side of her captures the adventurous spirit of the Upper Peninsula and the other side makes us feel like we are home. She is never without inspiration as she photographs her explorations. Her upbeat positive nature comes through in her work.


Kathryn was also an art prize contestant in 2017. Kathryn’s photography is available at UP~Scale Art, Open Wings Pottery and Gallery, and Falling Rock Cafe’ and Book Store in Munising. Wire wrapped jewelry items can be found at UP~Scale Art and Open Wings. There are two Web sites where her work can be purchased. One is her own and the other is through Fine Art America, where people can order images printed on a variety of items, including pillows and tote bags. Check out  and FAA:

Facebook: KathrynLundJohnsonNaturePhotography/                                                             You can reach her by Facebook message. Website:

Bob Walma

Don’t let a few cheery sunset photos lull you into thinking Bob is a typical photographer. Residing in Grand Haven he has the most beautiful backdrop for his photos yet, it is his series of photographs of the Klingman Furniture Warehouse that turned our heads. Bob Walma shines with industrial and urban decay shots, black and white photography and his unique take on landscapes. When completing your collection of unique Michigan photographs, a visit to Walma Compositions is well worth the look.

25441116_10156004767098410_395057013_o (1).jpg

Facebook: bob.walma    Phone:  616-510-1037   Website:

Jessica Klook

Jessica Klook is the only portrait photographer included in this list. I find her work transportive. It is clearly unique, and magical. I am personally such a fan. Anyone who can blend the charming landscapes of Michigan with babies, children, and families is a master of her craft.


Facebook:  JessicaMKlook    Phone:  616-490-8121   Website:

Honorable mentions

Sarah Chisholm

I can’t include Sarah as a “Michigan” photographer, but clearly, she has something unique to offer the Great Lakes. A resident of our neighbor, Canada, I first discovered her work on the Lake Huron Skies FB page. If you ever want to get a different perspective of the Great Lakes, check out their page, it’s wonderful. Sarah is clearly an Artist/Photographer.


Facebook: SarahChisholmPhotography  Contact info:

Dave Sanford

Dave Sanford features photos and videography from Lake Erie. When you watch Liquid Mountains, you realize Dave Sanford is no ordinary nature photographer. His experience, his drive, talent, and determination is beyond reproach.  Dave Sanford should be on your radar.

Facebook: DaveSandfordPhotography    Phone:  519-878-0266   Website:

Here are a few others you should check out.

Jamie RaboldTodd MaertzDanny Tuma. Stay tuned for a part II.

A Michigan Thing features photographers who understand safety. We will never post or repost photos that put either the photographer or the subject in danger.  The artists we feature here take extraordinary precautions and they have the experience required to safely get the shot. Never put yourself in danger to get a photo.

Please enjoy these photos by clicking on the various links and please support our photographers so they can keep doing their Michigan Things.

Please feel free to send us photographers names we may have overlooked!

Carol Charron

The author was not paid to prefer any of the named photographers in this article.

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