Wintering in West Michigan

It’s been a different kind of year. It’s been feast or famine with the snow.  The Upper Peninsula in the Keweenaw exceeded 200 inches of snow setting a new record! The rest of the state is struggling against some warm temps. Winter break for us meant trying to find something to do indoors like go to the movies. We ended up here having a very good time spending hours in the lazy river. The place was packed with people of all ages and by the end of the afternoon, I had extremely tired children on my hands. The photo credit is from the Spring Lake Aquatic Center.  This is open to the public year-round to residents and non-residents and includes a full fitness center. It’s one of the most comprehensive facilities around the Lakeshore.


The Spring Lake Aquatic Center


We are looking forward to many events coming up.  When the snow returns in full force we plan to enjoy time at the Muskegon Sports Complex.  This weekend is Party in Your Parka.

Local eats in the Grand Haven area are always changing. Our newest discovery is Grand Finale Bakery. Check out these cereal donuts. The donut in the middle features BACON. It’s the maple bacon donut. We had one today, it was to die for. It tastes like your favorite pancake drizzled in real maple syrup with bacon on the side. Drool. Grand Finale is located on Franklin St. in the same building as the Visitor’s Center (not to be confused with the Chamber at 1 S. Harbor.)  It’s well worth your while to find them. Photos are from their Facebook wall.


Cereal donuts and the maple bacon donut @ Grand Finale Desserts and Pastries.


The other favorite this winter is Armory Brewing. They have partnered up with Righteous Cuisine for outstanding brews and eats. You’ll love the atmosphere and the beer and food are amazing.The barbecue is so good.  From the beer selection, we highly recommend the Hef when it’s on tap, but here is the current list of what they have on hand.


Photo courtesy of

One last honorable mention is one of our regular favorites.  The Village Bakery in Spring Lake. Here is an eyeful of our favorites. The quiche and another visit with some tea in and of so pretty cup.



The quiche is my favorite!
Green tea in a pretty cup!

Winterfest will be here soon! Here is the upcoming schedule. We’ll see you around town!

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